Monday, March 29, 2010


To read English books and magazines is one of the main purposes of English learning. If you can understand the contents, you will feel happy. Many people want to improve their English through reading, so they begin to read all kinds of English hooks and magazines with high expectation. But many of them give up halfway because of some difficulties. What a pity! They lack persistence I have some suggestions to offer. First, they should pay attention to the reading materials they choose. Those materials should be not only interesting, but also not too difficult. Otherwise, it will be easy for the readers to lose heart. Second, don't consult dictionaries during reading. That will disturb you and make the reading boring. Last but not least, choose a quiet place to yourself. The environment is also crucial to reading, especially English reading. You have to concentrate your mind. Try these, and you will make progress.
Where will life take you?
A journey is not a trip
A Discovery
a process of self-discovery
face to face with ourselves

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