Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Kid on the Block

Anyone who knows Ever-so-Sexy knows that it is a Crysalis Ltd website. Crysalis is a small UK company that specialises in online retail and offers customers great product and excellent service. Now Crysalis has a new web site, The site is still under development but if you see a swimsuit you can't wait to buy then there is no need to wait as the site is already functioning. A spokesperson from Crysalis said that they made the decision to let customers buy swimwear even though not all the product is loaded because it did not seem right to keep customers waiting.

So why did Crysalis decide to set up a swimwear only site when they already sell swimsuits and bikinis on their lingerie sites, ever-so-sexy and loves-lingerie? Space and profile was the answer. On the lingerie sites the lions share of space, time and effort goes on the lingerie so swimwear is an afterthought. Only customers visiting and buying lingerie are likely to become customers for the swimwear and so a large section of the market is missing out. So was born. The baby of the group but what a bonny baby it is... with bright sunny colours and simple easy to follow layout this site is going to be a joy to browse and buy from. Some fantastic designs are scheduled to be placed on the site during the coming weeks. Check it out the next time you are in the buying mood for some swimwear.

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