Sunday, March 28, 2010

Set embroidered tulle push up Cola Less and pad. Detachable straps. First a little overview:

Fashion innovations in 80 years:1914: Comes first bra.1934: male slip is marketed.1939: Marketing of nylon.1939: The woman begins to wear pants.1946: Emergence of the Bikini (See Guide)1955: jean all the rage in Europe1959: Du Pont de Nemours invented lycra.1965: The miniskirt shows the knee.1975: Fashion punk.1980: Creation of yuppy fashion.1985: Rise of interior fashion.1989: The Japanese invented the microfiber.1994: living items appear.
One of the weapons of a woman is able to combine comfort, innuendo, flirting, glamor and eroticism that shows women's underwear. Know how to feel special and how to surrender to our charms ...
The history of lingerie, dating back to ancient civilizations, which sought a practical way to cover the areas "modesty" of women.

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