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Set of sexy lingerie and provocative black leather or red lace thong mini is certainly the perfect choice. First a little overview: 

Fashion innovations in 80 years: 1914: Comes first bra. 1934: male slip is marketed. 1939: Marketing of nylon. 1939: The woman begins to wear pants. 1955: jean all the rage in Europe 1959: Du Pont de Nemours invented lycra. 1965: The miniskirt shows the knee. 1975: Fashion punk. 1980: Creation of yuppy fashion. 1985: Rise of interior fashion. 1989: The Japanese invented the microfiber. 1994: living items appear. 2000: Arrives smart clothing ...
One of our arms of a woman is able to combine comfort, innuendo, flirting, glamor and eroticism that shows women's underwear. Know how to feel special and how to surrender to our charms ...
The history of lingerie, dating back to ancient civilizations, which sought a practical way to cover the areas "modesty" of women.
About ancient and mythological goddesses. Homer tells us, a great poet of Athens, in one of his works, such as Aphrodite, the goddess of love in Greek mythology, gave her wonderful girdle, who shaped to perfection her feminine waist, Hera, wife of Zeus. With this outfit was proposed to win back her cheating husband and father of all gods, who kept harass countless girls. When Zeus Hera saw her look so delicate garment, fell exhausted at his feet, burning with love and crazy with desire. Being trapped forever by the undeniable beauty of his wife. While the goddesses and women of ancient Greece and Rome, did not know the concept of lingerie we have today, they knew that to enforce its spell and be irresistible, the tissue covering his skin was a potent weapon double-edged sword that could hypnotize even the gods of Olympus. This girdle of which tells the writer, able to arouse the most hidden passions, was the female undergarment of the time who was known as shingles. It was a long strip of embroidered cloth, usually made from white linen, but it could also be dyed, single young women placed in his waist. These garments were endowed with great symbolic value and social, as when marrying women, these bands were triggered by their husbands as a symbol of their union. On the other hand, married women, as well as shingles, also covering her breasts with another band called apodesmo, richly adorned with ribbons of all colors. In addition to shingles and apodesmo, she could cover her body with a robe, name given to a large rectangular wool blanket that was placed in the left shoulder and was holding on the right with a needle. The piece came to their feet, he clung to the waist and thigh of the right leg was in sight, since it was opened in this area. Some were brightly colored and decorated with rich ornaments. History tells us, the underwear of the period covered not only the most intimate parts of women, but determine their marital status and social position, as these items were more luxurious and rich supplements depending on the purchasing power of the wearer. Besides the importance of these pieces, women in antiquity has always worked in a very special care of your body. They used to dye her hair blonde, using cosmetics and color pastes, could not bear the presence of hair and if its position would allow it, covered, especially arms and neck, the most exquisite jewels.

At first, bras fabrics used were silk, wrapped in a woman's breasts. Also, early shorts, is very far from what we see today. An important milestone in lingerie, was the era of European monarchies and the Napoleonic period, in which, the brace had a privileged place of women. Which sought through this lingerie, be more slender and stylized.
From 1830-1914 the layers imagine women wearing under my dress shirt, pants, corset, camisole, petticoat, all with lots of ruffles, lace, embroidery, ribbons and bows. This gave them several advantages, despite the discomfort: 1. eliminated, for the girls families, the possibility of a violation Express, 2. was useful as antiatentados vest (in 1852 Queen Elizabeth II came out unscathed from a stabbing by her corset), 3. given the distinction, because only women used it idle, no manual work would be done with that Odido post, 4. ensured that the wearer was a woman of good manners: loose body was a sign of loose conduct, and 5. declared from the rooftops that there was no pregnancy ... :-O The "winter jacket" was at first exclusively male, was not well seen the woman could take, it was a symbol of masculinity. George Sand was the first to wear trousers and men's clothing and smoking cigarettes.
In the Middle Ages men wore socks to combat the cold (ui, which the Romans sexy xDD)
In the decade 1910-1919 the world of dance had a profound influence on the design of the underwear. First, the abandonment of the corset by Isadora Duncan and his robes in the Greek fashion, and then by the imprint of the dancer Irene Castle, whose collaboration with the bunny hug became popular and tango. The result was the freedom of movement and the inevitable revelation of the ankles. The decades of the 30 ', 40', 50 ', have been considered as very conservative and not very sexy, in terms of lingerie clothing itself. There was a peculiar time, that of the 60's, where the hippie movement, mobilized a breakaway attitude in front of the lingerie.
It was not until the late `80s, that lingerie again be at the top. Clearly helped by sex icons of that time as Madonna, which imposed the use of underwear, lace and very sophisticated.Fashion liked rapidly among women and men, of course ....
The average silk or nylon are closely tied with the women of Paris in wartime were so popular that it was impossible to find stockings and suspenders. It was not carrying links to "teach" was more a way, even to walk (jo, I think should be uncomfortable, right? XDD) Chantal Thomass style launched the "malicious" the "dessus dessous (below as above). Her bras, lace stockings, garters and justify his nickname of "queen of lingerie." Currently, sophistication and sensuality are the standards in fashion lingerie. Which points to a sexy, confident in itself and needs comfort and is going strong in the workplace.
Well, I let you go roll. Sure I have left more than a garment. Enjoy the lingerie they feel sexy and comfortable at the same time, they ... too. : D

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