Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sexy Lingerie Pink: So sweet and so young. The sexy pink dress for women of ingenuity and sensitivity. A morsel of pleasure that nobody wants to lose. "Underwear is no longer fulfilling the sole function of providing shelter and ensure personal hygiene. Women began to worry about how they dressed closely from an aesthetic point of view and from this lingerie market began to develop. 
The traditional design of underwear during the nineteenth century was that of Teide cotton suit covering the body from the wrists to the knee, until the late twentieth century and arises between a set of two pieces. The pants went with shrinking over the years, were wide and large (type pants) and shortened to accompany the transformations along the skirts. Today the more girls the better, although there are models preferences according to age: the 20 elected culottes, the tail less than 30, and 40 turns to the classic vedetina The forerunner of the corset bodice was the main aim was to reduce the waist and emphasize the bust size, increasing sexual attractiveness. The bodice conoemos taly as today, was born in 1914 and with it women are freed from the uncomfortable corset. Changes in underwear were related to social change in general and the emancipation of women in particular. The lingerie is transformed into something feminine, sensual, seductive, luxurious, where the main fabric was silk, but its use was quite selective and elitist. the appearance of materials such as nylon and lycra, allowing the mass of the underwear and the ability to provide greater comfort resulting in the sensation of second skin. Today, women choose the lingerie with the same or more work than outside, because, although not be seen reflected in the attitude I found this story interesting to reflect a little on the social changes that produce changes in dress.
Concern about appearance is part of the culture for centuries. Nor, according to this story, is new idolatry of thinness, and attribute it as sexual. It is interesting to think that once women were tied as the corset matambre to the point where they had difficulty breathing, today we have women who harm their bodies in other ways, perhaps more dangerous by the same ambition.But today there is a tendency also to health, an emaciated body today is no longer seen as nice, but is looking for a body saliudable, achieved with a healthy lifestyle. Another trend that you can see is that of girls and adolescents as a market. Lately it is not uncommon to see advertising campaigns with models that do not seem to have more than 13 years, targeting a niche to which previously underwear was not addressed specifically. The same case can be thought of phones, bowling, etc.
I do not want to do here a reproach, it is clear that children and teens are a lucrative market and it is possible to target them as consumers. Most of the time the children are receiving as anyone else: the children identify with the great, want to do big things and consuming things great.
But sometimes end up also having big problems for which they are unprepared. For those cases it seemed appropriate to comment that for some years and ALUBA (Association of Anti-Bulimia and Anorexia) has a special program to treat these girls with eating disorders and are between 9 and 12 years, a phenomenon that is giving more and more frequently.

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