Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sexy Lingerie Pink: So sweet and so young. The sexy pink dress for women of ingenuity and sensitivity. A morsel of pleasure that nobody wants to lose. The sexy female, had only one end and was to correct and shape the figure of the woman. 
Falls back to ancient civilizations, those seeking a practical way to cover the shameful parts of women.
Many of the props used were wrapped in silk breasts. An important milestone in lingerie, was the era of monarchy and the Napoleonic period, in which the brace had a privileged place in the ladies, which sought to be more slender and stylized. In the twentieth century begins to decorate the garment to make it more attractive, with the advent of cinema is the widespread domestic femininity, and the beautiful clothing comes Marilin Monroe, which broadcasts the image of the seductive woman. In the 30s, 40s and 50s, have been considered as very conservative and not very sexy in the manufacture of lingerie. And in the '60s hippie movement, mobilized a breakaway attitude in front of the lingerie. In the '80s, the lingerie again be at the top, clearly aided by icons like Madonna. Then started dating the most provocative lingerie, including the size of the bust up and plastic surgery emerged. Currently, the sotisficación and sensual, carry banners of lingerie to the comfort and confidence.And here come the great designers of women's underwear.

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