Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sexy lingerie satin: smooth as skin, suggestive and light. Perfectly accompanies the movement of women, suggesting more than showing. A classic in sexy lingerie, and rightly so.   History of Sexy Lingerie 
Initially and as a preamble of sexy lingerie, women's underwear was only a single goal to correct and shape the figure of woman as the corset, then added some items such as garters that his only mission was to secure the means, however today is a pledge of sexual fantasy and erotica.It is in the early twentieth century when scientists began to decorate the interior garments making them charming and attractive, is the beginning of the sexy lingerie. With the advent of cinema and audiovisual media beginning of the period is the widespread use of domestic femininity accompanied by Monroe Marilin myths as helping to launch the image of seductive and sensual woman helped by clothing, satin , transparencies and sexy fashions. One of the sexy lingerie that marked the half-time were parted in the forties. A woman with half was inevitably a woman wearing sexy lingerie or at least, despite the economic hardship, was intended to give the image.
In the fifties, France emerges in women's clothing market by creating an international reputation and has served as a reference to the present day, the big fashion brands in lingerie are settled down in Paris and as they say in the fashion market, if a company Paris is not there.

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