Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The body and sexy lingerie: As its name suggests, this sexy lingerie fits perfectly to the body of women, shaping their curves and slim your figure. History of erotic lingerie 
  History of underwear goes back to ancient civilizations, where women were seeking a practical way to cover up their shameful parts (breasts and crotch). Apart from that role, he was also an issue of aesthetics and practicality, primarily related to women's breasts, as a matter of gravity of the breasts should be subjected to them feel more comfortable in his gait.
Many of those first bras were just wrapped in silk fabrics women's breasts. Also, the first underwear is very far from what we see today. With the passing of centuries, the linen was increasingly taking shape. An important milestone was the era of lingerie European monarchies and the Napoleonic period, in which, the brace had a privileged place among the women, who sought by this lingerie look more slender and streamlined, and that through the brace, which operated through braces, was achieved acinturar and reduce size, especially in the abdomen. Another peculiarity is that the corset stylized form of the breasts. The lingerie was molded over the centuries to each particular time. The twentieth century is regarded as the century when the linen is strengthened in women, although it must be said that in this century there have been periods in the years low as 30, 40, and 50s, decades that have been considered as very conservative and a little sexy on the making of the underwear itself.
There was a peculiar time, that of the 60s where hippie movement mobilized against the breakaway attitude lingerie, leaving, in part, the use of fasteners and entering the color and flowers in her underwear and causing the release many taboos.
The film and television were key in the 70's "Charlie's Angels" and the Bond girls became desirable beauty and innocence looks sensual and sexy. Hair and high heels to the wind their way to a more daring lingerie.
It was not until the 80s when the underwear was back at the top. Clearly helped by the sexual icons of that time as Madonna, which imposed the use of linen with lace and very sophisticated, there was a fad that quickly liked among women and men, who immediately thanked their wives were more daring in choosing their underwear. In the '90s, the underwear was simplified and the big bombshell was given by the birth of the "Wonderbra" and sent millions of women increase their breast size instantly. In addition, the physical assumed great importance and new trends, aimed at sports and healthy life, joined design and comfort. Sensual, romantic, sophisticated, irresistible, so we could define lingerie today. Flirty, delicate and sexy, these garments have become a second skin, making intimate apparel in order to seduction and pleasure, which points to a sexy, confident in itself.
Sexy lingerie continues to operate today as a strong synonymous with everything imaginable in terms of the sensual, and will continue for many years because the desire and eroticism are so close to the woman who will be impossible to delete forever.

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