Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The semi-transparent lace sexy lingerie make many draw on them. The fit shows elegance and innuendo; an explosive mixture. Excite underwear for over 200 years. Stockings, lace, cotton, synthetic or silk underwear speaks for itself and has a strong influence on human beings either male or female. 
First of all underwear came out of a need and we can say that the first record of undergarment that there was the loincloth, which was what men use to cover their crotch in the same way they did the Egyptians
From the Middle Ages underwear became more comfortable and lightweight, made of softer materials such as cotton or linen. The loincloth was replaced by a loose-like pants that were tied at the waist and legs. At the same time came the appearance of chastity panties, worn by the wives of the gentlemen who left in the Crusades to ensure the loyalty of them in their long absences.
In producing the machine where yarn was facilitated the development of cotton underwear factories produced massively for the first time, people began to buy it rather than doing it at home. It was not until the nineteenth century that women have taken over the garment, rather male, transforming those great pants very loose and comfortable in baggy pants adorned with unbearable as found, which became a fabric contraption prevented them from even walking. The sensuality of underwear began in the Romantic period. The woman of this period, from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, using a shirt, shorts, corset with garter belt to hold the middle, with petticoat and camisole. The amount of underwear did not distinguish social classes, although women differed rich and poor for the quality of the fabrics and ornaments hidden under his clothes who came to the floor.

Here in this time where they began to see more clearly what the sensuality in lingerie trying to imitate the elaborate dresses, where women also realized that the clothes attracted much attention from men. Between the First and the Second War was that the materials appeared to revolutionize the world of underwear. Including nylon, used to manufacture parachutes but after '45, the market offered cheap underwear, soft and young women rushed to buy then I anxiously underwear evolved, mostly looking for comfort and because to underwear and was much shorter and easier to use The changes began thanks to the designers, who names were recognized for their works of art as clothing and the person who can say that was the instigator of this change and revolutionized the garment with its sensual look at what was Christian Dior, created the New Look, in which the female figure was reborn with all her curves.
Intimate apparel from the point of view more than anything sensual started by two things, comfort and to try to fix the figure of the body in this case the female. In the case of the bra in ancient times the function was that men were not fixed in the breasts of women, then came the corset and this was to make the waist smaller The role of the corset to the waist than most girl was squeezing the nipples of women's breasts are seen more round and firm He was then eliminated by the discovery that organs damaged by being pinched by long hours. This the case of underwear and sexuality is said to be 100% support so radical. Making love with the typical set or do something special with totally changes the perspective of women and the sexual situation to develop. In the case of women's lingerie tends to have an erotic charge associated with vanity or sexuality in general. The sexy women's lingerie is a sweet that makes the fetish salivary veterans. During different periods underwear has been very influential in this conclusion because to look the perfect figure for women.

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