Wednesday, March 31, 2010

White sexy lingerie: Inspired by the virginal brides, sexy white lingerie Suggests the innocence and simplicity. Few Men Can resist so subtle suggestion.Lingerie Beautiful Design for the wedding night. Bridal Lingerie, Baby Doll, Body, Corset. 
What is the history of lingerie? 
The history of lingerie, folds the ancient civilizations who sought a practical way to cover the areas of "shameful" for women. Read both the chest, such as between leg. Apart from that fact, it was also an issue of aesthetics and practicality. Especially with women's breasts as a serious issue, must be subject, so they feel more comfortable in his gait.
Many of the bras that were used, there were more than silk, wrapped in a woman's breasts.Also, early shorts, is very far from what we see today. Over the years, the lingerie was increasingly taking shape. Which currently moves millions of dollars from the sale. Is that women are the segment most purchase. Apart from its influence on the likes of buying the entire family.
An important milestone in lingerie, was the era of European monarchies and the Napoleonic period, in which, the brace had a privileged place of women. Which sought through this lingerie, be more slender and stylized.
Since using the brace, which operates through braces, is achieved acinturar and reduce size.Especially in the abdomen. Another peculiarity of corset is stylized form of the breasts, to be used. It worked like a push up, of modernity.
Skipping several centuries, the lingerie was molded to what we have today. Without going through low periods, as in the 30s', 40 ', 50', where those decades have been considered as very conservative and not very sexy, in terms of lingerie clothing itself.
Even there was a peculiar time, the 60 ', where the hippie movement, mobilized a breakaway attitude in front of the lingerie.
It was not until the late `80s, that lingerie again be at the top. Clearly helped by sex icons of that era. As Madonna. Which imposed the use of underwear, lace and very sophisticated.Fashion liked rapidly among women, as also in men. Which immediately thanked their wives, were more daring a minute to choose your underwear. Which continues until today, functioning as a strong synonymous with everything imaginable in terms of the sensual. Every man likes, seeing his wife use a sensual lingerie.
Subsequently, began dating lingerie, more provocative. Even that helping women to grow in size bust. At which time, new vogue and taking flight, the breast implant surgery.
Today, the sophistication and sensual, the banners are in fashion lingerie. Which points to a sexy, confident in itself and you need comfort, because they are going strong and the workplace. There are brands which are top in lingerie. `` As a Victoria Secret s, famous in the field of lingerie. Calvin Kein and Brazilian brands because of its progressiveness in terms of the sensual and colors.

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