Sunday, July 18, 2010

G-String vs French Knickers

Two extremes in the pantie scenario.  The ultra minimal g-string or the ample coverage of the French knicker.... which is best?  The truth is, neither and both.... each has its place and each can be equally appealing.

For comfort the French knicker is hard to beat,  a loose garment with plenty of "breathing space" has got to be easy to wear, especially if made from a luxury fabric such as silk.  Silk French knickers are a delight to wear.  The silk is soft against the skin and being an organic fabric it is also great for sensitive skins.

French knickers are also more forgiving if your figure is less than perfect and so ladies with ample flesh should consider French knickers first when buying sexy underwear.

So what of the g string?  This has to be the sexiest pantie... though pantie is a bit of an exaggerated description for something that is literally only a fragment of fabric held together by elastic straps.  But choose a really glamorous g string, such as a Lola Luna French string or one of the really sexy Brazilian thongs from Sensualle and you will experience the powerfully erotic nature of wearing such a tiny garment.   (Image is Jaipur - the latest design from Lola Luna - French erotic lingerie at its best.)

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