Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why Is French Lingerie So Special

Is it the reputation that the French have for romance or is it their well known fashion sense? Whatever the reason, there is no doubting the appeal of French Lingerie. Certainly if you are looking for lingerie with sex appeal the French undies option is among the best. Take for instance Lola Luna, a market leader in g strings. Exotic tiny garments that simply ooze sex appeal. And if total luxury and romance is what you are looking for then the French lingerie designer of choice must be Liliana Casanova, a Paris based company that design and make exquisite silk nightwear that is just perfect for those special romantic occasions. But if seduction is on the agenda then the name to look for is Luxxa - another French brand that knows that lingerie is more than just clothing. The Luxxa designs offer romance and seduction in equal parts. The expertly made garments flatter the figure and bring out your inner sensuality. So there it is.... some fairly good reasons why French Lingerie is special.

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